7th November 2010

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Candle Wax

In the movie “Body of Evidence” Madonna is seen poring hot wax on William Dafoe’s chest. Next day you see him take his shirt off and you see angry red marks on his chest.¬† Bullcrap! Hot wax is quite harmless and does not leave marks if done correctly.

I love using hot candle wax on a willing subject. It is the perfect ending to a good flogging. When they start purring with pleasure, is when I start dripping hot wax on their back. I tend to be sneaky and start doing it when they least expect it. I will start by holding the candle at about a foot  in height and drop down as they get used to it. Remember, the higher the candle, the further the was travels, the cooler the wax is when it strikes.

The best candle to use are ordinary parafin candles. I use different colours to make pretty patterns Once the wax has cooled, it can be scrapped off gently with a knife

But again Hollywood got it wrong and Madonna may be very talented as a singer and actress, but a Movie Dominatrix, I don’t think so!

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