14th November 2010

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Breast an Nipple Torture

he Breast is both functional and erotic. Women’s breast function as a source of nourishment for babies, whilst remaining a source of erotic pleasure for both herself and her partner. Men’s breast cannot be used for breast feeding, but still provide him with erotic pleasure.

Womens breasts are tend to be more prominent than mans breast, although, sometimes it is the other way around. However it easy enough to pinch the nipples or both sexes or attach a peg to the nipple. Whilst it is possible to buy special clamps, /http://www.wartenbergwheel.com/WWC-squeeze.htm/ it is easy enough to improvise. Pegs are the most obvious, but so are hair clips as well as bulldog clips. Of Course so are fingers perfect for squeezing and twisting nipples.

I have found that when you clamp the nipple, the longer the clamp stays on , the more intense the pain when you remove it. This is similar to pins and needles.

The breast are perfect for flogging. Start with a nice thuddy soft flogger and move onto a more stingier one. You can also use a cane on the breasts

Remember, as with everything you do in BDSM, start slowly and work your way up. Make sure that you have safe word and when used you stop. But most of all enjoy!

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